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FAU Alumni Association


Last week I email the alumni association to ask for information regarding starting up a alumni group for Palm Beach County since the website does not have one listed as well asking information about the Veteran Owls alumni group. So Far Mr. Abbott has not replied back. Has anyone else had trouble with the alumni association and asking for information or help from them?

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Email Dr. Paul Metcalf [email protected]
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Have heard from the Alumni Association finally and what it takes to start a group. I will post the email here, but generally it requires a chair, vice chair, treasurer, sectary, bylaws, dues, and etc. I would like to hear from members who are willing to join and maybe take up some of the positions on group. Please let me know so we can get the process started.

Dear Aaron:


Great to hear from you! I apologize for my late reply. We currently do not have an organized alumni chapter in Palm Beach County but would like to consider starting one.


Alumni chapters at FAU typically have four officers (chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer). Chapters adopt their own set of by laws that are approved by the FAU Alumni Association board. Once approved a chapter is then considered ‘chartered’ and can start accepting members.


Chapters are required to hold at least two general membership meetings per year. Chapter officers and members must be members of the FAU Alumni Association in good standing. At this time there are no additional dues associated with a chapter other than FAUAA membership.


I have attached a chapter application as well as our standard by law template. Feel free to call me to discuss next steps or if you have any questions.


Veteran Owls is a student organization at FAU. We are in the process of organizing the Veterans Alumni Society for veteran alumni with the hope to have an organized group by mid Fall. I will keep you posted on our progress.


Congratulations again on your degree!


Go Owls!
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