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The whining (not winning) on here!


Sorry guys but I just feel I have to comment on how we whine on here.

Both Baseball and Softball had great years but we whined about where they were placed by the NCAA. The women at UF (oh no, we can't beat them there!) and the men at UM (ditto!!!).

Turns out we DID NOT EVEN PLAY THE HOSTS IN EITHER TOURNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The women lost TWICE to UCF and the men lost TWICE to Cal St. Long Beach.

We gotta learn that you can't look past anyone AND you have to play your best at tourney time or you won't even get to face the best to move on thru tournaments. Our intensity HAS TO ramp up in shoprt tourneys - even or maybe even especially at the manager/coach level.

My congrats to both teams on GREAT seasons, I am always cheerinbg and pushing for ya! Go Owls!
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