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C-USA Football: Games for Week of 11-16-19



Rice 31  MTSU 28

Successful halftime adjustments defensively were not enough to propel the Blue Raiders to a win, and Stockstill's crew will NOT be bowl eligible for the first time in four years.

That aside, been saying it for a while now that Rice is a much better team than their record indicates.

One would have to think that they will soon be back to previous form before the slide began in 2015.
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owlsdad said

The West is a 3-team race:
  • Southern Miss wins if they win out with the head-to-head over both La Tech and UAB regardless of what happens next weekend (but I am a homer and predict the Golden Eagles fall to the Owls in the last game)
  • La Tech will still be in the lead after this weekend with their head-to-head win over Southern Miss, but have to win out to ensure they have the title.† Huge game against UAB next weekend.
  • UAB can still win the West if they win out with one of those giving them the head-to-head over La Tech and Southern Miss losing 2 more games because they took a beat down in the head-to-head with Southern Miss.
With La Tech's suspensions, and me hoping for the FAU win in the last weekend, it seems like there is a great chance the West ends with at least a 2-way and quite possibly a 3-way tie.† I don't know the tie-breakers, but since Southern Miss would have wins over both UAB and La Tech in any kind of tie scenario I assume they would be the champs.

The East is really a 2-team race with a more probable outcome:
  • Marshall wins-out and they are division champs
  • FAU has to win-out and have Marshall lose at least 1 game
  • I guess technically WKU could win-out and have Marshall and FAU lose both games they have left since they lost head-to-head to the top 2 team, but that seems highly unlikely
I see a lot of people giving Charlotte a chance against The Herd, but I think Marshall plays too good a defense for either the 49ers or FIU to beat them.† We can hope, but like I said before - FAU just needs to focus on trying to get to 9-wins.† I don't see anything mattering if we lose another game, and 9-3 on a 5-game win strike will position us for hopefully a better bowl than 8-4 coming off a loss would.† Crazy things could happen, but let's just take care of what we can take care of.
Posted On: Nov 16th 2019, 12:56 PM #390825

Umm… La. Tech beat S, Miss earlier!
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Southern Miss 36  UTSA 17

This game was close late in the 3rd (23-17), but the Golden Eagles defense put the clamp down thereafter while continuing to score.


UTSA is very capable of the long pass burn, as Carlos Strickland took a 51 yard strike into the end zone and Joshua Cephus had a 75 yard haul.

USM therefore is capable of being burnt as well.

Both teams QB's tossed an INT, but were able to throw for 295 YDS (SMiss) and 325 YDS (UTSA) respectively.

This collectively presents both an opportunity and a disadvantage for the Owls, who will now face both teams back-to-back.


FAU's secondary needs to STOP giving up long passes (achilles heel), or they could very well lose both games.

That said, FAU QB Chris Robison should be able to exploit both teams provided he is on target and the defense plays solid overall while continuing to produce turnovers.

The best game must be against USM. Need to have zero turnovers and run the ball well in addition to having the passing game humming.

The Roadrunners (4-6, 3-3) must now beat FAU to get to the post season and will assuredly be giving everything they have to do so.

Hopefully we have studied hard, and will study this game even more, while putting in extra prep for UTSA.

Not sure where the Owls land, but would say 75% chance they are 9-3 when the regular season ends.

Haven't seen enough consistency to put the chances any higher - despite the probability presented by makers (87%) being higher.
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Yep - sorry! †Brain fart on forgetting La Tech beat USM earlier. †So if the Owls beat the Golden Eagles in the last game and UAB beats La Tech this weekend, the tiebreaker goes DEEP in the West.
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After catching eight passes for 130 yards and three touchdowns in a win at Middle Tennessee, Rice junior WR Brad Rozner has been named the C-USA Offensive Player of the Week.

The Defensive Player of the Week honor went to Marshall junior LB Tavante Beckett, who had a team-high 13 tackles, a pass breakup and a fumble return in the Thundering Herdís win against Louisiana Tech.

The Special Teams Player of the Week award was given to Southern Miss junior P Zac Everett, who averaged 46.5 yards on six punts at UTSA, placing four inside the 20.

C-USA Football Players of the Week are voted on by a panel of the leagueís media
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Going back to the tiebreaker scenarios in the West division… One of the most underrated outlets in CUSA, La Tech Sports Report, posted this fantastic graphic of the division's champion based upon the results of LaTech, USM, UAB, UNT, and UTSA.

When I'm not in school, I'm schooling the CUSA Twitter game; Follow Me Here
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