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A Tim McNab Sighting


A Tim McNab Sighting

From the New York Post-too bad they couldnt get the schools name right!

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April 5, 2004 –
THE weekend's most notable - and hilarious - moments were products of an event that was barely worth our attention: Saturday's Mets-Marlins spring training game, heard on WFAN.

With the Mets batting in the top of the seventh, it began with Gary Cohen: "There's a number 87, with no name (on the back of his jersey), warming up in the Met bullpen. Any clue?" To which Ed Coleman replied, "No."

And then Cohen and Coleman, totally mystified, began to try to figure out who it was by figuring out who it wasn't.

Many minutes later - the Mets would score four in the seventh - No. 87 came in to pitch and they still had no idea. Now, they weren't familiar with the number or the face. There was no 87 on the roster or in the game notes. For those of you scoring at home, there was a guy pitching for the Mets and no one knew who he was! This had to be a first.

Finally, he was identified as Tim McNab, late of Florida American University. "Now pitching for the Mets - pssst, kid, what's your name? - Tim McNab." McNab pitched one scoreless inning, which, in a 21-13 win, should've qualified him for a win, a save, a hold and a medal. And a name.

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