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Baseball article on Lipman


Baseball article on Lipman

Nice to see anything in any paper about the baseball team…

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Lipman glad he shifted to Florida Atlantic

By Rhiannon Potkey
[email protected]
March 6, 2005

A seat on the bench is not normally a spot coveted by an athlete.

But for Florida Atlantic senior infielder Brian Lipman (Royal High), a permanent position in the dugout last year allowed him to view the game from a different perspective.

Normally a slow starter, Lipman is on a tear early this season, and he attributes part of it to his time off the field.

"Just being able to sit and watch the game being played taught me a lot," said Lipman, who was named Atlantic Sun Conference Player of the Week after back-to-back game-winning hits. "Mostly it taught me about patience."

Lipman has needed a ton of that lately to quell his frustration level. After transferring from Troy State, Lipman was forced to sit out last season.

While he is extremely happy to be playing at FAU, he never envisioned ending his collegiate career on the Boca Raton campus.

In his final two seasons at Troy State, he led the team in average and home runs. But when the coach who recruited him left the school, Lipman and the incoming coach clashed.

"We didn't really see eye to eye, and we got in a few arguments," said Lipman. "He came in and he wanted to start off with a clean slate, so I got cut from the team."

Surprised by the decision, Lipman came home to discuss his options with his parents.

"There is no question I couldn't have gotten through this without them," said Lipman. "They helped me through some tough times."

While playing summer ball, Lipman met a member of the FAU team, who put in a good word with the coaching staff.

"I was hoping to finish my career at Troy, but it kind of turned out better here," said Lipman, who earned a scholarship this season and is hitting .385 with 11 RBIs. 'They have a better program, better coaches and just better people all around the school."

Lipman is a few credits away from a degree in social science, but after his ordeal he jokes that his degree could be in "eligibility."

"I could write a book on my college career. I really could," said Lipman. "Just all the little things here and there that have happened."

Lipman is focused on getting his team a ring this season, and is not sure if a professional career is on the horizon.

"Everybody that plays college baseball wants to play professional baseball," said Lipman. "If it works out, great. I would drop everything and do it in a heartbeat. If it doesn't, there are other things I want to do. I'll be satisfied either way."

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Baseball article on Lipman

Lipman is a nice kid with a great attitude and I wish him well this season and beyond. He had a tough series against GW, but he has already shown what he can do and I'm sure he'll pull out a few more W's for us before he's done at FAU.
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