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Baseball upgrades soon?


Baseball upgrades soon?

From ask the AD.

$15mil to upgrade the baseball facility.

Ask The AD With Craig Angelos

March 14, 2007

Question from Phil
I have heard from people that the basketball arena is undergoing renovations this off-season. I think it's great and I am all for upgrading ?The Burrow? but, at the expense of sounding ungrateful (which I surely am not - I support ALL FAU sports programs), I am just wondering why the arena would be picked first over the baseball stadium. The baseball team has undoubtedly seen more success over the years at FAU (8 NCAA regionals, 1 super regional, etc etc). The baseball stadium is in desperate need of an upgrade - especially if FAU ever plans on hosting a regional so we can get past the Miami curse! Anyways, just wondering. Keep up the good work and GO OWLS!!!

Response from Athletics Director Craig Angelos
Phil: Thank you for the email. That is a very good question. The reason that we are putting $10 million towards the arena is that much of the money has been earmarked for renovation due to the damage from the hurricane and also the fact that the arena is utilized by students, staff and athletics and has never been upgraded. Therefore we are able to tap into money that is available because if is utilized by student and athletics alike. The baseball stadium is only used for athletics and therefore we can not use any of that type of money for athletic only projects. That is basically how we got to this point. I am still working on getting $15 million to renovate the baseball stadium and I think we will get there soon.

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