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EMU pitching rotation set

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EMU pitching rotation set

Pitching rotation courtesy of Ted Hutton's blog with added stats through Wednesday's games:

Thursday - Adam Morrison (0-0; 3.2 IP; 7.36 ERA; 5 K; 5 BB)
Friday - Mickey Storey (0-1; 4.1 IP; 6.23 ERA; 3 K; 4 BB)
Saturday - Jeff Beliveau (0-0; 4.0 IP; 0.00 ERA; 3 K; 6 BB)
Sunday - Brandon Kloess (0-0; 5.0 IP; 16.20 ERA; 2 K; 2 BB; allowed 4 HR)

Ted speculates Glen Troyanowksi (1-0; 5.1 IP; 3.38 ERA; 9 K; 7 BB) would get a start this upcoming week Boston College.  Tough spot for a Freshman, be interesting to see what we have with him and no better place to showcase it.

Here's the link to Hutton's blog:

Flip Flop Football | Winning Wednesday for FAU (updated)

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