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FAU's 1/2 Billion $ Budget!


FAU's 1/2 Billion $ Budget!

Looks like it's FAU is still growing. Let's Go Owls!!!


FAU has half-billion impact on PBC
President Brogan says ?We?ve only just begun?

Published Friday, November 25, 2005 9:00 pm
by By John Johnston

Florida Atlantic University has a nearly $500 million budget, 26,000 students on seven campuses and 27,000 non-students in its Lifelong Learning program. ?And we?ve only just begun,? FAU President Frank Brogan told a gathering of the FAU Alumni Association, hosted by one of Boca Raton's largest law firms, Hodgson Russ. Brogan joined with Dr. Michael Friedland, and Dr. Larry Lemanski in observing the university's growth. FAU celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and coincidentally also granted its 100,000th degree. ?What that really means,? Brogan said, ?is 100,000 careers launched or enhanced, 100,000 new beginnings, 100,000 doors to the future swung wide open.? What it means in terms of university growth is a dramatically increasing level of grant and other funding, according to Dr Larry. Lemanski, FAU's Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies. Lemanski said that FAU received $35 million in 2002, $61 million in 2005, and expects to receive $100 million in research funding by 2008. The university has received $10 million alone for its Intermodal Transportation Center, he said. Medical Education However, FAU's crown jewel of recent efforts, according to both Dr. Friedland and Brogan, is the university's ongoing growth as a medical education facility. FAU has, in fact, evolved a unique set of relationships. ?It's the only one of its kind in the country,? Brogan said. He explained that FAU, as a private university, has entered into a working relationship to begin training doctors with the University of Miami, a public university — some 64 students per year, beginning in 2007, he said. The state is currently funding this program at $2 million a year, for the next five years. What's makes the overall program unique, Brogan explained, is that rather than FAU spending $200 to $500 million to build a university hospital, the Boca Raton Community Hospital is going to build one on FAU's campus. ?Today is the day of partnership,? Brogan said. ?Nobody gets there alone any more.? Dr. Friedland, FAU's Executive Director of Medical Programs, described the developing medical education program as a ?cost effective? means of addressing a doctor shortage. Other Research Dr. Lemanski said that FAU was also taking a ?leading role? in environmental research efforts, in particular a partnership with the US Geological Service and Nova Southeastern University for Everglades's research. FAU's Center of Excellence, one of only three centers to receive $10 million from the state to fund its center, is also now producing ?new medicines from sea animals,? Dr. Lemanski said. In turn, that $10 million has been ?leveraged into $25 million in grants,? he added. Brogan took the opportunity for a ?commercial? message, noting that FAU has also begun plans for building a 12,400 square foot Alumni Center. Plans call for office, auditorium and exhibition space at the center. Construction costs will be about $2.5 million, Brogan said, and with all of the funding expected to come from private sources. John Johnston can be reached at 561-549-0833, or at [email protected]
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