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Final Comments


Final Comments

Except for the fact that it seems as though KC worships at the "Church of Springsteen" :), I love the way he summarizes games/series:


It was nice to see FAU in the regional tourney again. And we deserved to be there inspite of what some UCF and Troy (and Stetson) fans may think. One of these days we are going to knock off U of M or Florida or one of the "big-time conference" teams and see super regionals again. But is KC alluding to a separate CWS for "non big-time conference" D-1 schools such as FAU? I hope not…and I think not.

It's interesting if you look at the schedules of some schools you will see the regionals, super regionals and CWS dates plugged in. That's because they plan to be there!!!

I would like to follow our players through the summer at their various locations, but have not been successful in finding very many of them on rosters throughout the country. We have a couple in the Cape Cod League (Crotta & Widlansky) on the Bourne Braves, Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League (McKenna) on the Middletown Monarchs, Central Ill Collegiate League (Albano) on the Quincy Gems, Clark Griffith Collegiate Baseball League (Terpak) on the Bethesda Big Train, Northwoods League (Hafer & Sneir) on the Duluth Huskies. That's all I've been able to find. Anybody know of any others?
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