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High Profile or

Most are you are very upset with Doherty leaving the way he did and that is understandable. I do think that it doesn't reflect well on his character and what he was trying to push on the players & new recruits. It's ok to feel hurt because it felt like we got blind sided by a punch to the stomach followed with a right hook for a knock down. Once you get your breath back and manage to regain our balance, with a little time, the black eye will disappear and we will be back to normal. This is part of life and to one says it easy. Angelos took a risk with Doherty and even thought he left after one year, we all need to reflect on what Doherty did do for our program in a very short time, he brough life back to a dead program, he rejuvated breath when there was none and got people blood pumping with excitement again - now the blood is pumping hot for other reasons.

Angelos must now make another very though decision concerning our Basketball program to keep the excitment going. I was very surprised that we where able to even get a Doherty type of coach here at FAU in the first place so we should be happy that even with a short stay what it did mean for the program. Now what direction does Angelos take. He mentioned he wants another Doherty type of coach and now I can see why and we don't need to look far as to why, Doherty did bring a lot to the table and did make a difference not only on the court, but off the court. He generated excitment to the program on all levels. Angelos felt the rush as many of us fans did as well and can clearly see why Angelos would what to continue that thread. Angelos also knows the down sided of recruiting that type of coach - Doherty again serves as an example of what could happen, can be easily lured away. If Angelos does go that rout and is succesful he must find a way IMO to keep that individual for a set numbers of year of a minimun of 3-5years or the ends IMO does not justify the means, we do need to have some form of stability if you are going to build anything lasting, we cannot repeat this process every year or every other year.

We need what a Doherty brought to the table, yet part of me likes what Rex Walters also bring to the table. He has the endorsements on many, Dorhety, Pat Rileys, his current players, fans, …… . Yet, he does remain a question mark as to what he might bring. He is fresh meat, undeveloped with very good qualifications. He wants to be here, He wants to be a head coach, yet he does present many unknows to Angelos and quite the opposite of what Angelos is looking for - an experience and high profile coach. Yet, I do think that Walters could build on the momentum that Doherty created, for he was part of the process and I do like the fact that the continuity that will be created and would help conitnue to develope the team, with anotrher year under one system the players should have much more confidence and be a much better team overall.

Can Rex Walters bring enough excitement "The Splash" to the program like a Doherty, which is the big question that Angelos must determine and Walters will have to show. Again, how would have attendance be like this year had Dorhety stayed, would it have doubled again, unlikely, would revenue be increased, Iwould like to think so - lets rememeber the football team first year, a lot of excitement, but we never where able to keep the momentum going and a big drop off was created, we where drawing a pretty good crowd at PPP during our first year.
So what excitment the next person brings we need to stay focus on long terms goals as well, even with Doherty a drop off should have been expected or a platue would have been reached regardless of "The Splash" he created and yet it does justify some of the risk taken and I for one am ok with what Doherty has accomplished (again more then what "the Lame" Green ever could muster) he left before he was able to finishing, but now the new guy has something to work with where Doherty had absoluely nothing.

What ever Angelos decide I hope he doesn't get lost or blinded in all the glizts "The Splash" can create and remain focus as to what he is trying to build - lasting success does take time and hard work and Walters I believe would fit that bill or if he does get another Doherty find a way to keep here at least 3-5 years.

Go Owls!!
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