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Interesting Stats


Interesting Stats

Let the Wolfpack chew on this:

Starters Batting Avg: FAU .331/ NCSt .269
Starters Slugging %: FAU .499/ NCSt .379
Starters Home Runs Hit: FAU 55/ NCSt 20

I like the looks of that.

A couple more:

Starters Stolen Bases: FAU 53/ NCSt 17
Starters Errors: FAU 44/ NCSt 27

The E's stat is the only unnerving thing. And this is considering Brannon as the starter instead of Fons (which would balloon our E # to 56!! As Burrowingowl would say..Yikes!).
Personally, I hope KC stays with Brannon at ss because I believe this game is going to come down to whoever makes the least mistakes. It's going to be our hitting against their pitching and when we do get a runner on base we need to be aggressive on the bases.
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