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Murphy on Angels' opening-day roster?


Murphy on Angels' opening-day roster?

Looks like it could be a distinct possibility….

"MLB.com reports that outfielders Tommy Murphy, Reggie Willits, Curtis Pride and Nick Gorneault are in contention for as many as two roster spots. "There are a number of guys for [outfield] depth," manager Scioscia said. "We haven't ruled out Murph and Willits on the club [together]. Each of them brings a different dimension. There could be a role for both those guys. Nick brings a little different piece than Reggie and Tommy, a right-handed bat off the bench. He does have a live bat. If that's something that rounds out our roster, we're going to consider it. We've considered guys on the depth chart, how they mix and match. There's a lot of baseball to be played this week [before final decisions are made]."

Fiorentino was sent down on 3/18 and Cali on 3/21 btw.
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