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National 5-Year Winning Percentage


National 5-Year Winning Percentage

"Baseball is unbelievably close in relation to real life.  There are long periods of down time, interrupted by heightened moments of drama.  It's poetic justice.  It's the greatest thing to happen to man." - Peter Gammons, Hall of Fame baseball personality for ESPN

College baseball is almost back.  Now I know South Florida is not the biggest baseball region of the country.  If you have never been to FAU Baseball Stadium and watched the Owls, shame on you.  One could even make a strong argument that it is Florida Atlantic University's most successful sports program.  (If it's not #1 at FAU, it's a very close second to softball.)  FAU Baseball has been to Regionals (baseball's version of the NCAA Tournament for basketball) eight times and Super Regionals (baseball's version of the Sweet Sixteen) once in 2002.  The Diamond Owls are three time conference champions (1999, 2003 and 2004).

Need more convincing that FAU Owls baseball is a winner?

Recruiting Closer is one of the many "media outlets" that writes about college baseball nationally.  They run down a list of the Top 30 (college baseball media has a thing for Top 30s… not Top 25s that you may be used to) programs in the past five years based on win percentage.

Highest Winning % (5 year average)

School Win %
Rice 0.784
Texas 0.738
Florida State 0.731
Oral Roberts 0.718
North Carolina 0.716
Cal State Fullerton 0.706
Arizona State 0.706
Virginia 0.694
College Of Charleston 0.692
Wichita State 0.691
Miami 0.689
Coastal Carolina 0.689
Tulane 0.688
Nebraska 0.682
Georgia Tech 0.680
South Carolina 0.679
Oregon State 0.677
Notre Dame 0.676
Southern Miss0.674
Southern 0.662
Clemson 0.662
TCU 0.658
North Carolina State 0.651
Florida Atlantic 0.648
Vanderbilt 0.647
Arkansas 0.646
Louisiana-Lafayette 0.643
Illinois-Chicago 0.643
Mississippi 0.642
Lamar 0.642

Lo-and-behold… there is FAU at number 24.  Nationally.  Over the past five years.  Winning percentage.  Nationally.  Yes, every Division I school in the country.  Pretty impressive.

Check that list again.  We are #3 in the State of Florida, behind only Florida State and Miami.  We are also #1 in the Sun Belt Conference.

Get out FAU Baseball Stadium this season.  Coach Mac deserves everyone to be behind him and his Owls this season!

Go Owls!

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Re: National 5-Year Winning Percentage

So what is the outlook for the 08-09 owls?

If someone would like to go the SunBelt board they have a thread up on SBC baseball about who will be in the mix for the title.

I'll confess to not knowing much beyoond FAU Football.  :-\

I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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