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New Rules for 2019


There are some new rules for 2019. Some are just saftey thing, such as batboys must wear helmets with two ear flaps (I'm surprised to find that there were apparent some teams not doing that - that's been standard at FAU for as long as I can remember), pitcher stance, and video review. The new rules that the fans will notice include:
  • Head coach can now signal to the ump to intentionally wak a batter without throwing the pitches.
  • Allow only 6 defensive conferences per regulation game, of which only 3 may involve a coach.
  • If, during a defensive conference, any runners or the batter leave their position, the offenseive team will be charged an offensive conference.
  • If a batter makes an intentional move to be hit by the pitcher, regardless of the location of the pitch, it will be called a strike.
  • A defensive player may not block any portion of a base or plate unless they have the ball in their control.
  • When the pitcher make a fake move toward 3B, and then spins to go to 1B, all the fans will now be correct when they yell, "Balk!"
  • The time between innings increased to 120 seconds from 90 seconds (non-televised) or 108 seconds (televised). The clock starts  immediately after the 3rd out of the preceding half-inning (was when last defensive player crossed the foul line leaving the field), and ends when the pitcher begins his motion to pitch to the 1st batter.
one proposed rule that did not make the cut: Putting clocks in center field and behind the plate. Then allowing 20 seconds between pitches. However, if the pitcher stepped off the rubber, the clock stopped. There was no determination upon whether the clock would then restart at 20, or perhaps 1 and actually requiring the pitcher to make a quick pitch, or some minimum number of seconds. My biggest concern about that rule is that Ballpark of the Palm Beaches does not have such clocks, and it was proposed for ALL D1 games. That would have prohibited us from using that stadium for a couple of regular season games, and have eliminated it from consideration for hosting a regional.

Another rule that missed the cut: anyone other than coaches that leave their position, dugout, or bullpen during altercations ejected and suspended for the next game.
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