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Grade the 2014 FAU Football Recruiting Class

How do you grade the 2014 FAU Football Recruiting Class

A - Excellent
B - Solid & Filled Needs
C - Could Have Done Better
D - Barely Passing
F - Unacceptable


Your thoughts on the class?

In particular:

What would you grade the class (poll)?

Who should make an immediate impact?

Who should we look out for in the future?
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I think we got a few steals in this crop of kids....if we have a real good season, I think the steals could be huge next year...

"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Who voted D?


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probably some troll
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Considering the short time period the new staff had to review commitments and make connections I thought they did damn well.

I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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The only thing that sticks out to me is why FAU has always recruited 250-260 lb OL. I know these kids will HOPEFULLY put on the size but I see most other good programs recruiting 300+ lbs. FAU always seems to have a relativley small offensive line and sports reporters have commented on it.

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Thankfully we're not running an offense that requires 300lb linemen anymore, so that should help.

I say this, knowing that the ghosts of McKinson Souverain and MGIII laugh at me from around the corner, I think that Kris Harris, Greg Howell, Trey Rodrigues and Landon Scheer are all impact players from the get-go.

The two RBs could make the #2 spot behind Jay Warren and we'll have room in the rotation for Kris Harris to step in and get reps. DE is another area of concern next season so perhaps Richardson works into the lineup too.

Landon Scheer is the one who I think has the potential to be a real "impact" player for us next season, he could take the #1 job and score some points for the Owls in 2014.
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Still very disappointed in our Broward County impact.

N. Ill does better there than we do.

And I personally think it is a mistake to disregard the JUCO level again. Look at last years team and think where would be without Quez and McKinney and Johnson on O and Glanton and McKnight on D. of the top of my head. And only Quez returns so we have to replace those senior starters. There were some misses from the JUCO level of course but overall it was pretty successful to me!

A decent class for our level (CUSA/SunBelt)and it was maybe our best ever but we have a long way to go overall IMHO. But I do beleive the Coaches have us moving in the right direction and over time it will only get better.
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I also don't want to see us completely forgo the JUCO route as so many of those players can hit the ground running while our high school recruits are usually more projects than immediate impact players.

I agree with TeemBeer on impact players, especially about Landon Scheer. My knee-jerk reaction is that the highest ranked recruits would have the biggest impact, guys like Trey Rodriguez and Marquese Dudley-Gordon (think I spelled that right).

I'm curious to see what Driskel can do because I'm still not sold on Greg Hankerson, and I'm kinda wondering what to think about this walk-on guy, Dom Marino. I'm disappointed we didn't land Alin Eduoard but it was a longshot anyway considering his dedication to Syracuse.

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I agree to not completely ignore JUCO, but I find comfort in the desire to develop athletes.

Too much JUCO reliance is a desperate quick fix.

We can't heavily rack up junior college targets and not recruit and develop relationships with local high schools.

Great programs recruit kids you need develop accordingly, and when there is a group of JUCO players the staff likes they should pursue him.

I think the players that this coaching staff put together in 6 weeks is incredible.

I am beyond excited to see what Charlie Partridge can do with a whole year, and to see how he develops his coaching staff to be better recruiters.

Partridge said that he is going to have 4 coaches per county between Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade.

Both Marquese Dudley-Gordon (safety) and Kris Harris (LB) held offers from current Rose Bowl champs Michigan State, who finished the year with the number one defense in the country, to have them choose a mid-major over a current BCS winning program is amazing.

I love recruiting, it is my favorite part about the game, and Partridge gets it.

After yesterday's press conference I am officially sold on the idea of FAU dominance in C-USA in coming years.

Yesterday was a good day to be an Owl.

I love dropkicks and fat guy touchdowns.

Twitter: @jakobsansom
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