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Oxbridge Academy QB Gio Richardson Commits to FAU Football's Class of 2019


GeorgiaOwl said

I see they are the top rated Palm Beach County tam so that is good - we gotta start getting more St. Thomas recruits, heck their HC was a Coach here!
Posted On: Jun 15th 2018, 3:55 PM #378855
Future of Oxbridge Academy football program in question as transfers begin to mount - Sun Sentinel

I know people think that schools can still build walls around high schools with all these good relationships etc., but In 2018 itís not how it works. †The 7on7 and Florida transfer rules kids go where ever itís hot and give them the best chance to showcase talent.
If Iím Gio I am getting out now as well.
OX Bridge did the same to other schools when they first came up. Taking kids from schools like Pahokee and Glades Central.
The building relationships with high school coaches to get to kids is pissing against the wind in most cases because many canít even keep their kids around.
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Thanks for posting the story and too bad for them as a team that is seems to be falling apart. I personally would guess that the "financial assistance" has ended, or a minimum been cut drastically.

We have the same issues up here with private catholic or "non profit" or even City schools with different attendance rules (AKA financial aid found for those out the "city" (Buford High) schools with NO district lines to adhere to poaching the best athletes away from County schools.

Can't argue it is not better for the kid's - a better education, a better environment, a better Coaching staff leading to better College offers. But does lead to super teams skewing any semblance of a level playing field in games.

But it is basically the HS equivalent of the Power 5 in the FBS and does lead to issues of kid's not able to meet the private schools academic standards, which leads to cheating which leads to resentment of the "special help" for said athletes in various sports.

In some cases the academic side of the school wins out, but not many times. The $$$ and attantion usually still rules the school (UNC!).
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