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Quarterback Anthony Romphf Commits to FAU Football's Class of 2020


LawOwl said

Shane Marinelli OC40 said

LawOwl said

Shane Marinelli OC40 said

voss749 said

jgf2017 said

I hope the move is made to the AAC. If we just have one great year where we are in the polls and on tv with maybe an upset somewhere and the talks should
Posted On: Jun 12th 2019, 5:26 PM #386781

One great year wont do it, we need to be able to win consistently to build attendance numbers that also includes increasing the number of students living on campus. When you have 10,000+ students living on campus getting average attendance over 20k a game becomes doable. When you get average attendance over 20k a game, TV rights becomes more valuable.
Posted On: Jun 12th 2019, 5:41 PM #386782

The AAC just got a new TV deal which pays about 7 million a school compared to the Big 12 which is around 32 million a year per school.
Posted On: Jun 12th 2019, 6:14 PM #386784

And thatís why a move to the AAC would make sense from a financial perspective we barely get $500k from our tv deal. The move wonít happen though unless UCF/USF go to a P5 conference. In which case I think we make the most sense as a replacement but OC40 is right. We have to start winning conference championships consistently and if we have an undefeated season, even if we didnít play a P5 school (I think the 2021 schedule is set as such) it would help our stock because we would be talked about and ranked. C-USA is not a bad conference to be in given the history and tradition of the conference and budding rivalry with Marshall we can definitely make some noise in the polls if weíre a consistent winner but the problem is that we are not and given the Francois news, I donít think that will change this year.†
Posted On: Jun 12th 2019, 7:35 PM #386786

If we go to the AAC because others leave the TV deal will drop. It is no different when we entered C-USA and the networks basically said, we made this deal based on team ABC being here not team XYZ.

Posted On: Jun 12th 2019, 7:56 PM #386788

Fair point. We just need to focus on winning honestly. Shane can you comment on whatís going on with Francois or is it safe to assume he wonít be with us this fall?
Posted On: Jun 12th 2019, 9:01 PM #386789

Francios is up in the air, but as Jake reported FAU confirmed nothing when he announced he was coming.

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