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07' Defensive Line - Sun Sentinel/Ted Hutton


07' Defensive Line - Sun Sentinel/Ted Hutton


Starters returning: Ends Josh Pinnick and Robert St. Clair, tackles Jervonte Jackson and Randy Hunter.

Starters lost: None

Backups lost: Josh Jenkins

Backups returning: E.J. Jones, John Mertilus, Josh Savidge.

Does it get any better than this? Nope.

OK, for those of you keeping count, what we have is a defense that is losing one starter, that in the secondary. The linebacking and defensive line units return all starters and all but one backup, and there are some redshirts coming up that will compete for spots on the depth chart. And this is a defense that posted two shutouts and by the end of the season was taking control of games.

Back to the D-line. We know what this bunch can do. Pinnick and St. Clair showed they can pressure the quarterback. Jackson and Hunter can gum up the middle and make running tough. Remember when FAU was using a three-man line? That started because coaches felt they didn?t have the horses they needed on the line. This bunch put that on the shelf when they proved so effective, and I doubt you?ll see the three-man line for a while.

Pinnick is going to lead this bunch (and the entire defense) and you couldn?t ask for a better leader. He is in the mold of Chris Laskowski, someone who does it through actions and words. Pinnick will be a senior and I already am missing him. He?s a surprisingly cerebral guy, and has picked up The Voice?s vocabulary, and puts his own blunt spin on it. And he?s not afraid to speak his mind.

?I definitely see a defense that is primed and poised to be the best defense that has ever been here. If we return everyone and have another off season like we had last year, no question about it, this will be the best defense that will have been here,? Pinnick said before the Shula Bowl, when he and his teammates shut out the Amber Kitties.

Jervonte Jackson was expected to be a very good player, and could become a great one, and Hunter was a very pleasant surprise, another of those D-IA transfers who forced his way into the starting lineup.

Jones, Savidge and Mertulis were in the rotation that kept everyone fresh. And there are some kids coming up to keep an eye on in Maruicio Riquer (6-4, 275) and Justin Cleveland (6-1, 273). Riquer in particular has coaches excited.

Outlook: Excellent

Sun Sentinel/Ted Hutton
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07' Defensive Line - Sun Sentinel/Ted Hutton

Sweet!! This defense is only going to get better. Watch out SBC, FAU is looking for a title. GO OWLS!!!

2017 Conference USA Champions
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