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2004 Report Card

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2004 Report Card

Final exam grades are due in the Oxley office before the banquet. Just kidding folks. This is all in fun. Opinions may differ ;D

How would you rate these positions?
A-B-C-D-F (minus/pluses are acceptable grades)
You can copy and paste the gategories into your reply thread.



Special Teams This is considered a unit folks.
Punt/Kick off team (We kick/punt to them)
Kick off/ Punt Receive team (They kick/punt to us)


Fans participation (Not attendance. Cheering & noise)
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2004 Report Card


RB-Parker had a good year. The other guys didn't have that many opportunities.
Grade B

QB: Allen had a good year. His overall play helped his average. His toughness and throwaways kept his score up a bit.
Grade B+

Receivers: Tony had a GREAT All American year while he was here. Bynes had a good year up to and after his return. The rest supported the cause OK.
Grade B+

O-Line : Overachieved all season. Undersized but kept some good holes for the QB/RB's. Injuries didn't really factor into my score because it was late in the season.
Grade C+


D-Line: Definitely underdogs vs larger guys. Played beyond their expectations. Shut down some very good RB's all year.
Grade A

LB: Run support was great. Pass support was a little suspect.
Grade B

Had appx 15 INT's all year. Great run support. Shut down the opposition when they had to even after a few too many 3 and outs by our offense.
Grade B+

Special Teams This is considered a unit folks.

Punt/Kick off team (We kick/punt to them): Shaky but consistant. Didn't give up many long runbacks.

Kick off/ Punt Receive team (They kick/punt to us): We had some timely blocks on the punt team. Didn't have too many good field position on returns.

Kicker: Great year. Lot's of touchbacks.

Punter: Booming leg with somegreat kicks.


Offense seemed too laid back at times. Aggression took a back seat when we could have put teams away by more points.
Defensively we did Ok. Blitzes were a little more frequent this year than last.
Grade B

Fans participation (Not attendance. Cheering & noise)
Who let.." was noisy but annoying. "FAU" was sporadic. Noise Sticks wasn't distributed properly. The BAND was missing.
Grade D-

I still love these guys and wouldn't trade them for any other team. Go Owls
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2004 Report Card

Im curious to see how were ranked next year on NCAA football 2006, the video game. We were I think 118 out of 119 teams, hopefully we proved our selves.
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2004 Report Card



Parker started to fizzle in the later half of the season.. blame it on the OLine, but he became less of a factor.


Jared Allen is the soul of this offense.

WR: B-

With the exception of Bynes, the WR's were O.k. The suspension of ACH hurt.

O-Line: C

Just average… sometimes they played well, other times they didn't play that well. You can blame them for Parker's decreased numbers in the later part of the season.


DLine: B

They had pressure on teams that were below us, but had trouble with teams with bigger OLines. The run defense was pretty good consistantly through the season though.


IMO, probably the best unit on this team. Chris is the heart and soul of the defense.


There were a few times they got burned, but they did keep hawaii in check to win that game.

Special Teams

Punk-Kicking team: B

The coverage was awful in the FIU game.

Kickoff-Punt receive team: B-

I dont think we ever broke one for a TD this year.. i don't remember.

Kicker: C

Myers kicked a lot of field goals, but also missed a lot. He had a lot of kicks blocked… may be the OLine's fault but he also might of been kicking the ball too low..

Punter: B+

Very solid

Coaching: A+

They made this team.. I can't give them anything plus an A+ for everything that they accomplished despite some of the low moments.

Fan Participation: C-

There was dead silence at times.
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2004 Report Card

I also struggled with the O-Line/RB factor. It is a tricky one. You can say that as the O-Line goes so goes the RB. I tried to look at when he broke through to the 2nd level and had the LB's in front of him. He stiffed a few and had some decent runs on his own. But there were times when he didn't get back to the line of scrimmage. :-/ O-Line.
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