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2007 New Orleans Bowl Alumni Appearung at UNT Game 10-21-17


Anybody following former players on social media and hear who from the 2007 bowl team is coming to the game this weekend?

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Quite a few of them, 54 counting some of the the coaches who will also be in attendance.

Andre Clark
Austin Jensen
Brandon Jackson
Briana Coughlin
Cerge Sincere
Chris Lena
Christopher Newbold
Corey Small
Cortez Gent
Daniel Joseph
Darian Thomas
Darian Williams
Dave Matlock
David Serna
Diivory Edgecomb
Dino Cox
Erick McIntosh
Frantz Joseph
Gedel Merzius
Greg Joseph
Howard Schnellenberger
Jamari Grant
Jamere Johnson
Jarrett McDonald
Jarrid Smith
Jervonte Jackson
Joe Corozza
John Rizzo
Josh Pinnick
Josh Savidge
Kelly Jones
Kevin Cyrille
Kris Bartels
Kurt Van Valkenburgh
Kyle Califar
Lavoris Williams
Lestar Jean
Malik Eugene
Mark Maycock
Matthew Desiderio
Miles Amos
Nick Seta
Nina Taylor
Phillip McDonald
Richard Staller
Rob Housler
Rod "Felton" Huggins
Ryan Paros
Ryan Wischnefski
Sarah Rizzo
Sean Todd
Shayna Raynor
Steve Cutcher
Taheem Acevedo
Tarvoris Hill
Tavious Polo
Vincent Henderson
Wilfred "JR" Rivera
William "BJ" Manley
Willie Rose
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That's awesome.

Teambeer is the most knowledgeable FAU sports fan I know, way smarter than me.
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