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2008 Roster


Re: 2008 Roster

2008 Roster

owlcountry said

owlcountry40 said

i love how we are 99 percent Florida players. I hope even as we get bigger we keep 80 percent of our recurting in FLA their is enough talent in this state to support 10 D-1 programs.
We're going to be heavily in-state for at least the next 5-10 years, I think.

I mean, yeah, there is probably enough 2 star talent in the state to support 10 D-1 programs. But if you want the program to eventually beat the best in the nation, you'd logically need to recruit some of the best in the nation and those may not all be in Florida. Even if there is one of the top 5 QBs in Florida, he may go to Notre Dame, Alabama, Ohio State, etc. We can't even win those guys over by saying, "Hey, stay in Florida where you grew up so your family and friends can see you play" because they could still go to The Big Three and have that.

We're going to be pushing a boulder uphill for awhile but given the program's rapid ascension, I expect us to do big things sooner than our opponents would believe.

Our motto this year is Reach Higher but we'd probably have to have a Boise State-type of season to reach higher than what we did last season. Anything less than 10 wins is probably going to let us reach right back into the New Orleans Bowl. Not that it's bad necessarily but we could obviously benefit much more by playing in a BCS bowl, both in terms of prestige and payout.

This next season is pretty pivotal for us to establish a presence on the national scene…  the presence we began with wins over Minnesota and Memphis, not to mention the close game with USF…
i completely agree if we want to be the best in nation we are going to have to recruit the best in the nation but the kids in our own backyard is a great bread and butter for us. I also agree this is the most pivotal year in our history we caught some eyes lat year but now we have to show we are here to stay.
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