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2017 FAU Football Fall Camp


Island_Owl88 said

I personally think it'd be a good idea to practice during a light rainy period (assuming there's no lightning). We have to be able to perform under these conditions. We can't let weather delays defeat us every year.
Posted On: Aug 11th 2017, 10:59 AM #369857

I agree with that, and maybe in a little bit heavier rain as well, like you saw earlier in camp, because it gives great experience for the team to get used to those conditions.
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The Owls resumed practice at their regularly-scheduled slot and each quarterback saw some success on a windless and muggy Friday morning.

Defense drew first blood in a goal-line situation with a nice interception in the corner of the end zone by Raekwon Williams. But the team’s three-headed quarterback all came through with long completions.

De’Andre Johnson was first, finding LaDante Harris down the sideline. Jason Driskel threaded the needle to “Pico” Tavaris Harrison, who held onto a juggling and tumbling catch for a score, and a couple of plays later, Daniel Parr found Bobby Mitchell in stride for a touchdown from some 40 yards out.

Later, with only seconds remaining on the session clock, Parr was also on the throwing end of a high leaping catch by freshman Ronald Patterson, setting up a field goal opportunity.

Head Coach Lane Kiffin

“I thought (today was) one of our better practices. Guys had really good energy, which you’re always worried about the day before a scrimmage. The guys can come out with not the right mindset, especially with the quick turnaround from practice being later yesterday, so good to see. A lot of good film to watch, and the guys will get ready for a big evaluation tomorrow.”

The squad will move practice to FAU Stadium on Saturday, with a 1 p.m. start featuring an intersquad scrimmage. It is open to the general public.
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The football team returned to the practice field Monday following Saturday’s second scrimmage of the year. The Owls’ defense won nearly every battle until FAU began red zone work, where the offense was able to find the end zone. Akileis Leroy recorded a practice-ending interception.
Head Coach Lane Kiffin on Saturday

“Going back to Saturday’s scrimmage, after watching it, there were obviously some good and some bad things in there, too many turnovers on offense. We had a 12-play drive and DeAndre throws an interception in the two-minute drill. We can’t make those decisions."

"Some really good things: I thought the defensive line played as well as they have played since we have been here. Daniel Parr had a really good day. We had five dropped when he was in there otherwise he was about 80 percent completion. So he had some reps with the ‘ones’ today. That is how we will build our program, through competition. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how many stars or where you are on the depth chart, you move up if you play well and down if you don’t.”
“After a day off yesterday, came out today and pushed them through…a long physical practice. We have a long ways to go.”

  • Junior corner Shelton Lewis began the offensive woes with a tipped-ball interception
  • Zyon Gilbert added another interception
  • Kerrith Whyte, Jr. and Devin Singletary recorded two scores each
  • Steven Frank hit LaDante Harris for 30-plus yards to get the ball downfield and then found Dominic Milanese for another completion
  • Senior receiver Henry Bussey III beat two defenders on an end zone jump ball for a score and the day was ended on Akileis Leroy’s INT

 The Owls will be back on the field Tuesday at 9:30 AM.
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I know several on here think there is no way DeAndre is not the starter at QB, but it certainly seems like there is quite a bit of competition going on and most of what I read says he is forcing too many throws and has been not only low on completion percentage but also high on turnovers.  At the same time, Driskel and now even Parr appear to be playing well and getting praise.  Johnson's legs are what could be a huge difference-maker, but with today's announcement about John Franklin (another former "Last Chance U" star) transferring from Auburn to FAU it certainly seems like Kiffin wants competition AND must not be totally sold on what he has at QB right now???  With the stable of RBs we have, we need a QB who does NOT turn the ball over.

I would expect a new thread going about Franklin, but thought I would throw that in here to get people's take on the QB position and on what realistic expectations we should have for anybody (Franklin or any of the other guys) who were late to camp.  Hard to imagine a QB stepping in at a new college and being ready to play with only 2 weeks to go before the first game.
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I agree that the competition seems to have greatly increased between the three, Franklin has one year of eligibility left and I am going to guess he will be more of a WR than a potential QB at this stage.

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The excitement has turned to grind as the Florida Atlantic football team completed practice No. 17 under a bright blue sky and humidity in the high 50’s. The Owls continued to hone their skills, battle through fatigue and compete, with the 2017 season and home opener versus Navy just 16 days away.

Head Coach Lane Kiffin

“Today was kind of similar to yesterday. There were some good things. Some good situational work, again too many turnovers. Now we are back to having snap issues, which I thought we had kind of eliminated. We have to get that corrected. Working on that right now out there to get it fixed."

"We are just pushing through at this time of year where practices start to run together a little bit. We are looking for the special guys that come out and compete every day and want to battle. It is easy the first couple of days, but where are you now?”

  • Jason Driskel hit Henry Bussey III for a 20-yard gain and later found “Pico” Tavaris Harrison
  • James Pierre was credited with a pass breakup in the end zone
  • Devin Singletary followed with a 12-yard gain and score
  • With the offense moving out of its territory, defensive end Hunter Snyder batted down a pass attempt
  • Linebacker Rashad Smith leapt in the air to haul in an interception and safety Quran Hafiz broke up a pass on third-and-seven
  • Freshman running back Tyrek Tisdale had a 15-plus-yard run
  • The team drills ended with Driskel finding freshman receiver Willie Wright in the end zone

The Owls will be back on the field at 8:50 AM Wednesday at the Oxley Center.
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Player Pos Notable School High School 247 Composite Ranking Latest 247 Composite Ranking
De'Andre Johnson QB Florida State 0.8793 0.8681
DeAndre McNeal WR Texas 0.8963 0.8417
Tim Bonner WDE Louisville 0.8503 0.8288
D'Anfernee McGriff ATH 2015 UF Commit 0.9012 N/A
Tyrek Tisdale APB 2016 Maryland Commit 0.8590 N/A
Kain Daub ILB Florida State 0.9647 0.8363
James Pierre S 2016 Syracus Commit 0.8558 N/A
Will Tuihalamaka OG SDSU 0.8457 N/A
Zach Stefo OT Colorado State 0.7583 N/A
Jeremiah Taleni DT Pitt 0.8005 N/A
John Franklin III QB/WR Auburn 0.8367 0.8885
Chris Robison QB Oklahoma 0.9272 N/A

I've been wanting to do this for a while now but the two transfers today finally gave me the motivation to do it. This is my running list of players added with former affiliations to other schools since Kiffin has been here. Excited to see who else is brought in. Four former four stars.
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Nicely done. Thanks for that!

P.S. I don't respond to guest posts. All guests are encouraged to register with the site.
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Not Really said

StPeteOwl said

dusky256fc said

Don't get me wrong, it appears Driskel is getting better and should push Johnson but if anyone is thinking Driskel might start over Johnson is like thinking Matt Moore could beat out Cutler.
Posted On: Aug 7th 2017, 6:00 PM #369775
I'm happy to see Driskel improving year-over-year, Parr too, but we know Johnson is Kiffin's guy. He is creating a "competition", not just for QB, but every position. Perception is everything, and if Johnson perceives that Driskel and/or Parr can steal some time and reps from him - it is only going to make our offense better. Given the opportunity, I believe Johnson and Driskel could lead this offense tomorrow.

Posted On: Aug 7th 2017, 8:51 PM #369777

Well not exactly, Johnson was signed before Kiffin was hired.  So Johnson is NOT Kiffin's guy. But I do agree that if one QB is pulling ahead Kiffin will talk the other guys up to keep the heat on the front runner.
Posted On: Aug 7th 2017, 8:57 PM #369778

Actually, you wrong. I understand if Lane does not want to be "tied" to a boy who hit a drunk girl…but you an idiot…reveal yourself CHARLIE.
"Just one day into the job, Kiffin signed East Mississippi Community College quarterback De'Andre Johnson, the former ESPN 300 standout who originally signed with Florida State but was dismissed from the school after he was caught on video punching a woman at a bar."

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Kiffin was hired on the 13th, and Johnson signed on the 16th.

That is three days and shows the author of the cited quote as incorrect.

Regardless Kiffin did not offer him, nor did he meet with him. All of the leg work and extension was done by Partridge and Kelly - personally.

Here's a legitimate quote:

"I wouldn't know him if he walked in the room," Kiffin told reporters in Atlanta on Wednesday. "It was something the president, the athletic director, the previous staff had done a ton of research. They had connections at the junior college where he was at, they had brought him in, spent 48 hours around him, did a ton of research.

"They had already sent him his papers. That was something that was totally in place and was already done before I even got there."
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