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2019 Winning In Paradise Tour


Shane Marinelli OC40 said

Local Owl said

I came by boat also.  But actually wore shorts. Look, he was representing fau. If his bosses are ok with it, if that is the impression they want to give, go for it. Just not my style. The other coaches looked and behaved professional.  
Posted On: Jun 5th 2019, 1:13 PM #386745

That look does a lot of good for FAU. He is selling the whole ocean theme of FAU.
If you ever read CFB Reddit (a national college football forum) there has been a thread on Lane's laid back look in the past at event last year and fans around the country thought it was great.  

Lane is a laid back guy and I love he can be himself here. Lane has never been about "coach speak" and putting up this whole persona of being someone he is not.

And like Rick said "give us something to talk about"  Lane is great at PR and keeping his program in the news. He wears a polo and kaki's no one pays attention.
Posted On: Jun 5th 2019, 2:03 PM #386747

Agreed. Plus he goes on his twitter every day or so to perpetuate the #cometotheFAU meme. He's doing wonders for the FAU Football brand and I'm happy we have him around. Sure, he might be a bit eccentric but that's well worth the tradeoff for all the exposure and publicity he's bought to FAU.
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I do believe that everything Kiffin does is gold. Itís funny, but this past season, even though it was a massive disappointment record wise, the 5-7 season actually brought FAU into a whole new level. I knew that staying home for the Boca Bowl against Akron was a good idea. The 10 wins in a row, the articles about FAU written in the off-season, including us being a dark horse playoff candidate. The SI top 25 ranking. You see FAU gear and license plates everywhere. Just two years ago this seemed impossible
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