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A week in review


A week in review

I have been lurking all week and found some very interesting threads this week.

The talk about going to the Big East or the SEC, very interesting stuff. We all know that the coaching has every intention of building a team that will compete for a National Title, no secret there and if that is the case we will have to out grow the SBC, period. I always figure our stay in the SBC would be short.

Here is the problem with the SBC - teams have one goal and that is to win the SBC championship, thus there OC result isn't very good. On the other hand FAU has set higher and loftier goals - compete for a national championship and in the process the SBC hampionship would be part of realizing that. So in fact we are building a program for a specific goal, every recruiting class is part of this dream.

The coaches also know that if FAU will realize this drive to compete for a national championship being part of the SBC is not part of the picture. Just think about it, SBC is not part of a BCS conference, so it only makes sense that if we are going to realize our dream of competing for a national championship, we will out grow the SBC. IMHO, FAU is already looking for a BCS conference affiliation beyond 2006 (possibly for 2007 or 2008). Planning for this expansion now is key for this dream to happen. With that in mind if they have these plans in order and using it as a recruiting tool then that is a great thing - the dream of building this team to a D-1A caliber team and a national championship has been a huge driving force for recruiting and players are buying into it.

The players have bought into this system and are making it possible - they are making the dream a realitity. So attracting a BCS conference will be a priority, but we have to remember that we need to continue our success going. A lot of things must happen in the next couple of years to make the drive possible.

The biggest obstacle will be attendance, this will be the key to our ongoing success and everything else will take care of themselves. The stadium on campus is another key factor, but having good attendance will be the driving force to make every thing happen.

Looking at our upcoming schedule in the next few years only reinforces the commitment being made to push this team to a high caliber D-1A team. The coaches have been very aggressive from the beggining and I don't see them slowing down till the dream happens.

The drive for a BCS conference does have to start now, all the peices are in place for things to happen, we just have to get people exicited enough to jump on the bandwagon - the buzz is already in the air now all we need is for people to cacth OWL FEVER!!

Here is a quote that just may reinforce our short stay in the SBC:

We can't reap the benefits of winning the Sun Belt, but it's the conference we are going to be in for a little while so we'd like to make a statement, to say that we are going to be here and this is the type of football we play here," said FAU senior safety Jerell Terry

Go Owls!!
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