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Arkansas State Message Board

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Arkansas State Message Board

One of the funnier posts I've read on the opposing team's message board…

"FAU's coach is worth 14 points all by himself."

"Oklahoma State 23 FAU 3
Minnesota 46 FAU 7
Did he not dress out for those two games? ;D"

REPONSE TO REPLY: "We aren't Minnesota or Oklahoma State. He's worth 14 against us."

And another one…

"ASU - An a$$load of points
FAU - One or two less than that "

REPLY: "Lets see there is 12 in a gaggle, 13 in a bakers dozen, if the glass is filled only half way is it half full or half empty.(depends if your drinking or pouring). I bet theres at least 60 in an @$$load. I will go to walmart and check fir @$$load shells for deer season and count them to make sure :) "

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Arkansas State Message Board

And here is a stats poster on their website…

He seems to believe that Embick is NOT mobile?!?!? He did some GREAT mobile passing against KU but since then all the teams have wisened up to our inability to contain the blitzing coming at him 24-fricking-7… Hopefully he will pull through this game along with his protectors and some great plays can materialize once again! But anyways, here is the poster who believes Embick is as immobile as FIU's Padrick…

"-FAU is averaging 14.7 points on offense; but GIVING up 33 points.
-FAU is only at a fairly neutral -.17 turnover margin; so they are not losing games because of turnovers. They just are not that good.
-They have an anemic offense averaging 195 yds passing/106 yds rushing
-Their defense is is allowing 174 p/235 r ypg. Shermar and Antonio are gonna run wild.
-Their OOC teams played are Kansas, Ok St, Minnesota, Louisville.
-Their QB is not a mobile QB like Mizzery's, ULM or ULL; so I expect our front to be able to play like they did against FIU's passing QB.

It all comes down to mobile QB's; and the option offense. Our Dline is small and has alot of stunts and over pursuit; that a mobile QB can expose. Look at how Mizzery, ULM, and NOW ULL have exposed the overpursuit. Traps, options, fakes and misdirection killed the WHOLE defense last night; but most importantly the Dline was taken out of the play. The dline was not capable of holding their ground; so the LB's were exposed and so on. Choctaw makes sense guys; so give him some slack.

We need some slobberknockers on the Dline…enuff said.

I say ASU 35 owls 13"
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