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Article from the Palm Beach Post on Wyoming coming to town!


Article from the Palm Beach Post on Wyoming coming to town!

Wyoming’s fast-paced offense to challenge FAU
by Tom D'Angelo

Florida Atlantic’s defense is prepared to play fast-break football Saturday when Wyoming comes to town.

“They probably play at as fast a pace than maybe anybody I’ve seen,” defensive coordinator Kirk Hoza said.

The Cowboys (2-2) run a wide-open, spread offense, led by true freshman quarterback Austyn Carta-Samuels. The offense is based on getting to the line of scrimmage in a hurry and hoping to catch the defense unprepared.

The play clock? It might as well be turned off when Wyoming has the football.

“It is like a two-minute drill every time they’re out on the field,” cornerback Tavious Polo said.

Hoza said he has counted 15 to 20 snaps when the defense is not ready.

“I’ve never seen an offense that does that the whole game,” Polo said. “Every time you catch them on film they have the defense caught off guard, guys aren’t even lined up.”

The good news for FAU: Although Wyoming has run 307 plays, third most in the nation, those plays have not translated into explosive numbers. The Cowboys are averaging 323.5 yards per game, 97th overall.

Those numbers reflect losses to Texas and Colorado in which the Cowboys combined for 10 points and 342 yards.

“If we can get out there and lined up by the time they snap the ball we have a chance to win the game,” coach Howard Schnellenberger said.

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Re: Article from the Palm Beach Post on Wyoming coming to town!

Yikes. An inexperienced defense playing against a no-huddle offense all game…not good. Hopefully we can keep the Wyoming offense off the field by running Morris all game long. That will give our defense what will be a much needed rest.


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