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ASU by the Numbers


ASU by the Numbers

Next up stAte.

Breaking down the games they have played so far, to get to that impressive 3-0 start and a share of the conference lead.

ASU 31 FIU 6

Rushing 47 atps for 222 yrds
Passing 22 atps for 108 yrds
Total Yards 330 yrds
3rd Downs 5 of 12 - 42%
TOP 35:57:00

ASU 10 ULM 6

Rushing 38 atps for 172 yrds
Passing 36 atps for 200 yrds
Total Yards 372 yrds
3rd Downs 9 0f 16 - 56%
TOP 35:42:00

ASU 29 UNT 10

Rushing 51 atps for 279 yrds
Passing 19 atps for 187 yrds
Total Yards 466 yrds
3rd Downs 11 0f 15 - 73%
TOP 26:02:00

They like to run the ball, but have a very capable QB in Leonard tha can throw the ball if he has to. He is very elusive and will prove to be a torn in the defense side if they don't find a way to contain him, once he is out of the pocket he can make plays with his feet. Sound rather familar doesn't it, ULM, SUU, ULL. Is he better the Babb from ULL, doesn't matter really he is just as effective and the defense will have to have another big game. They can get yardage both ways unlike ULL which relied more on the rushing attack. What to expect, stAte will run the ball first
and getting them to be one dimensional won't prove to be helpful either. We have done a better job as of late in our rushing defense, so the key will be to control the line of scrimmage and create some problems in the back field. If they can run the ball on us they will control the clock and our D will eventually wear down. This game will prove to be a challenge.

Last year the game went down in the records books as the only game to be scoreless after regulation, where both teams had opportunities to win. I expect this time around to be different with plenty of action on the gridiron.

Predictions and further breakdowns to come later.
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ASU by the Numbers

Nice stats. Looks like the offense for ASU can do pretty much anything. They have some big run stats and also some big pass stats. I feel pretty good with the way our defense has been playing. Hopefully they will keep it up. My prediction to come later in the week. GO OWLS!!!

2017 Conference USA Champions
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