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Crazy NCAA rules!


Crazy NCAA rules!

I wonder if FAU yelled the name of duel sport athlete Holley, at the basketball games and that's why he signed. Too crazy.. ???

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on Sun, Feb. 19, 2006
Breathing might violate NCAA rules JERRY KELLAR OPINION

Just when you thought the folks at the NCAA couldn?t possibly dream up any more ridiculous rules and guidelines than already exist, the governing body of intercollegiate sports pulls another one out of its ?

OK ? archives.

Check this out: When Penn State students attending a recent men?s basketball game at the Bryce Jordan Center held up signs encouraging top-rated high school football recruits Pat Devlin and Vidal Hazelton to sign with the Nittany Lions, the university was actually in violation of NCAA regulations.

That?s right. Displaying banners or other such items emblazoned with a recruit?s name at school-sanctioned events gives the university an unfair advantage, according to the NCAA. The same thing applies to students who chant the names of recruits during games. (Note: Prospects must be in attendance for the violation to take effect. Hey, you never know with the NCAA.)

If you ever wondered what goes on at the organization?s Indianapolis headquarters when employees aren?t counting the barrels of cash earned off the backs of the young men and women they pretend to protect, now you know.
They create even more imbecilic rules.
Fortunately for Penn State, there will be no sanctions. This time.

According to a recent story in the State College Centre Daily Times, the Lions are off the hook because the offending students weren?t aware the asinine rule existed and school officials have taken the appropriate steps to educate them.
?It sounds like (Penn State) is doing exactly the right thing,? NCAA spokesman Kent Barrett told the newspaper. ?As long as they?re doing that, I can?t imagine what a potential violation would be.?

Somebody, please, do us all a favor and sanction these nutjobs.

This is the same outfit that authorizes the selling of student-athletes? uniforms for huge profits, but won?t allow those same kids to hold part-time jobs during the school year.
That?s a violation!

So, too, was it an infraction in 1994 when then-University of Utah basketball coach Rick Majerus bought dinner for a player whose father died that night. The NCAA apparently didn?t bother to investigate or didn?t care that Majerus had the task of informing the athlete of his parent?s death.

The Utes? program was additionally cited because the basketball staff arranged for a plane ticket for the player to attend the funeral. Although the kid eventually paid for the ticket, the NCAA ruled the university did not properly seek reimbursement.

It gets better.
Reportedly, the organization?s crack compliance staff ? or should that be cracked staff ? also nailed Utah because Majerus authorized his assistant coaches to buy groceries for two players whose school meal plan hadn?t begun.

Of course, don?t expect to hear these kinds of stories during the upcoming Division I Men?s Basketball Tournament ? the NCAA?s annual moneymaking extravaganza.
Can?t risk offending the sponsors.

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Crazy NCAA rules!

I do agree with the statement about the NCAA getting rich off the kids they are supposed to protect. The NCAA needs to get involved with the Big Cash Schools payout for Bowl games for starters. The NCAA just needs an overhaul and clean up some of the stupidity and inequities. while there at it make some changes in the BCS program as well.
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