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Digger at Arkansas ST. Game?


Digger at Arkansas ST. Game?

For those of you that don't follow Ted Hutton's Blog in the Sun-Sentinel, Digger is the Burrowing Owl in residence at The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jupiter. He offers Ted his "Fearless-Feathered Predictions" for up-coming games (along with predictions from Medicaid Mike, DT members, and Beverlee a.ka. The Voice's Better Half).

Anyway, Busch Sanctuary has agreed to bring Digger along with some of his other feathered friends to the Arkansas game if they receive a total of $500 dollars in donation money from FAU fans.

I suck at posting links, so anyone that can do that for me here, I would appreciate that.

Check out Ted's Blog for Fearless Predictions for this week's FAU at ULLM, and it has all the details. Make sure that when you send the check you tell them what it is for so that FAU gets credit for the donation. Also check out Ted's Blog, a must-read for every Owl Fan.  8)

Beware the talons of the Mighty Owls!
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