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Don't Be A Marshmallow!


Don't Be A Marshmallow!

You might be thinking:  "What to make of this"??

Exactly what i thought when it popped up on FaceBook as a "tagged photo" that included The Owl's Nest by someone named "Jumping Bean"…

So, i turned to our friend Ted Hutton over at the Sentinel for some insight as to the underlying meaning behind this quite creative rendering…and he had some solid handle to offer:

Turns out the head shot is none other than FAU Strength Coach Matt Pleskovic.

Ted surmised that Pleskovic must have been equating his "weight room students" to that of "Marshmallows" as of late…which is not such a bad thing seeing we need to keep in line with other programs that have the benefit of having all scholarship roster players participate in Summer work-outs, etc - while we do not…and what better way to motivate those fortunate to be around but to call them "Marshmallows" at every squat, pump, and rep?

As Ted also offered, most players have a love-hate relationship with the strength coach. They hate them for working them so hard, but love him for the results…

By the looks of the [WARNING: Graphic language] reactions by the players, they enjoyed the rendering…but, only time will tell whether it has motivated them to join the Army Reserve's Cadets in a chorus of their signature anthem: "be…all that you can be".

Thanks to Ted for his insight on this…and we certainly Hope the vocal chords are ready…….
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