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ESPN 760- At least FAU IS being mentioned.


ESPN 760- At least FAU IS being mentioned.


So Ive started listeneing to ESPN 760 on my way home at 4 PM or so each day and whenver Im in the car.

Yesterday heard FAU mentione 4 times in a total of 45 mintues of total listen listening. (30 minutes OTW home and another 15 talking my daughter to Karate)

1.) Evan talking to Jason Pugh (former FAU player) joking around about him using his staus as an ex player to attract the ladies.

2.) At the end of the Sports Update, ESPN 760 promoed that they are the new home for FAU.

3.) Evan talking about the Radio Broadcast of the Marlins came, quipped he was the worst game caller in NCAA for FAU and could of done better then the Marlins Radio guy

4.) Mentioned a yankee player who at one point dated Marey Carey, and mentioned she was an FAU alum.

So while not EXACTLY what I want to hear about FAU on the radio (except for #2) at LEAST hes working the brand in. I guess its better then the nothing we had before.

I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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