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ESPN Blurb about the SBC

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ESPN Blurb about the SBC

• Lou DiPietro from RealFootball365.com says that the Sun Belt will be the conference to watch this season. No, not just the non-BCS conference, the conference overall. Now, I don't want to hate on the Sun Belt. I like the Sun Belt quite a bit. A lot of great players and coaches and stories, but this sentence in the blog got me:

"Long considered the whipping boy of Division I-A/FBS, the Sun Belt has come into its own lately…"

Um, huh? The Sun Belt had two teams finish above .500 last year and only its champion – Florida Atlantic (a team I like to win eight games again this season) – went to a bowl. Yes, Louisiana-Monroe beat Alabama, but does that give the whole conference credibility?

I will say the Sun Belt is underrated as one of the top rushing conferences in the country. If you look at the stats, the Sun Belt had four 1,000-yard rushers last season.


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Re: ESPN Blurb about the SBC

The biggest problem I see with the Sun-Belt: most team do not have depth.  All team have their share of talent, but they rely heavily of a couple of players to carry them.  When the injury bugs hit these teams hard times follow, especially to their start players.

It create inconsistent play for the most part and why most will always be middle of the pack teams and when things to falls into place they can beat anyone.

What is sad, Louisiana-Lafayette had two of those 1,000 yard rushers last year (and possibly again this year)
and where ranked seventh national in rushing yard and still manage to finish with a 3-4 record in the belt and 3-9 overall.

With that type of rushing attack, it should translate to more W's and if you have two 1,000 yards rushers and still can't win  :-X 
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