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Exit 39's mortal locks for week 12.


Exit 39's mortal locks for week 12.

And givin' yourself to me can never be wrong.
I'm askin' you, baby
To get it on with me
If the spirit moves you, let me groove you good
Let your love come down
Oh, get it on, come on, baby

Girl, you give me good feelings, so good

Nothin' wrong with love
If you want to love me
Just let yourself go
Oh, baby
Let's get it on

Anyone who’s had a little dry run lately you can either do one of two things,  go pay for it or two, learn a little of Motown’s finest lover, Mr. Marvin Gaye. I mean look at these lyrics? How could you not bed a smoke show? Set the scene: With all the money I’ve made you loosen her up with some Yaeger Bombs and get on the dance floor. Now in a soft voice you drop “And givin' yourself to me can never be wrong.” Bam! It’s on! Seriously what chick wouldn’t be like Niagara Falls between her legs if you’re whispering “If the spirit moves you, let me groove you good?”

You know what they call that in Motown? Genius, pure man loving genius.

Michigan at Wisconsin(20) -8.5
Rich Rodriguez is a joke, plain and simple. As soon as his George Lopez ass left West Virginia a few years back he’s been the 2nd most over paid goof ball in college football, right behind his twinkie eating buddy, Charlie Weiss. Wisconsin plays great at home and has been coming on strong lately, look for a double digit win here. “Ah Carumba” –Rodriguez when he’s down 30 at the half.

-4 Boston College at Virginia
I actually despise the Pigeons of Boston College but it’s a good pick here. There’s nothing cheesier then a Boston College Super Fan. They act like their Harvard in academics, Univ of Texas in athletics and have the girls of USC. Reality is it’s just an overpriced school of whiney virgins who claim there “waiting for marriage.” Virginia has been fading recently and the Pigeons should win by a TD here.

Texas Tech at Oklahoma State(18) -4
This line shocks me, it might almost be to good to be true and I always get nervous about those but I’m still going to play it. The Cowboys roll against unranked teams and get it like a cheerleader from the O-line from teams in the top ten. Cowboys win by double digits.

Arizona State at Oregon(16) -18.5
It’s a lot of points for a conference game but Oregon is playing just as well as anybody lately and ASU has all but given up. It’s going to be loud with all those ducks quacking and ASU isn’t going to be in the mood. Expect a lot of 3 and outs for ASU.

+10.5 Stanford at Southern California(10)
Homerun. Southern Cal is not a top ten team, complete joke. They’re they Duke of college basketball, always ranked better then they should be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stanford wins this game.

+20 Utah(14) at Texas Christian(4)
TCU is a great football team don’t get me wrong but so is Utah. 20 point dogs is just do good to pass up here. It may not be a smart bet with a ton of reasoning behind the teams but statistically I find it hard to pass on a 20 point dog between two ranked teams in conference play. Statistically it’s a no brainer. These are the games you play ten times and win seven of the ten.

No play on the Owls. I will never bet against them. I just don’t see them winning another game this year. The team is a joke in so many areas. Alfred Morris is going to have a tough day against a good defensive line, I don’t see the Owls scoring more then 24 points. The defense is doesn’t even deserve their uniforms, I’ll leave it at that.

Play nice and wrap it up
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