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FAU and CUSA preparing for Bahamas Bowl...


Interesting read and glad to see that FAU is being proactive.

College football players' duffels now include passports

Because the first-year bowl will indeed be played in a foreign country, a handful of schools in both Conference USA and the Mid-American Conference already are working on securing passports for their players, coaches and support staff. It's a significant undertaking, but it's one Gale said is necessary given the hassle involved in getting more than 100 passports at the last minute.

Texas-San Antonio, North Texas, Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan are among the other schools working on passports now.

I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick @$$ and I'm out of bubble gum.

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Just spitballing here but it would be awesome if you could plan a short bahamas cruise around the game.  Think about it:

Not sure what days the bahamas cruises leave from FTL, but day one, leave port at 5PM

Day 2
Arrive in Nassau at 8AM, tailgate either on the boat or cruising around the island.
Go to Game and Watch FAU win
Get back on boat later that night (Would probably have to be an early bowl game)

Day 3 Day at sea to celebrate the win

Day 4 return to FTL and be off the boat by 9AM.

Should only run $300-$400 per person.  Food and room is included, just have to pay for your own Booze on board.

FAU - We got Bowls!
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