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FAU getting plenty of coverage, but not locally

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FAU getting plenty of coverage, but not locally

If you wake up in Miami today and read the paper, you'll see a nice article on how FAU and UM may play each other soon:

Owls' coach: FAU may soon face UM

It also discusses how our schedule is likely to get easier (fewer money games) after this season. Our stadium intentions are also explained (temporary facility in 2008 and 2009, 40k open air stadium in 2010). While these are not facts, why can't our local writers call up our Coach or AD and get similar quotes on our future schedule or stadium situation?

The last time an interview with our coach was published in the Sun-Sentinel or Palm Beach Post was… a long time ago.

Do you live in Orlando? Check out today's article:

FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger as optimistic as ever

It's surprisingly upbeat. It's also absurd that the local Sun-Sentinel has to rely on a writer from the Orlando Sentinel to post an article on FAU.

Maybe you're in Gainesville? There's a blurb on Coach's thoughts on playing UF at the bottom of this article:

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Bradenton also has a similar blurb on FAU:

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Advanced training

Even Lakeland gets half an article on FAU's scheduling:

Bulls to Get Their Wish-Miami

Unfortunately, even though FAU made the sports section in nearly every other I-A football market in the state (except Tallahassee), there was just a blurb in the Palm Beach Post at the end of an article by Marcus Nelson on USF:

Top 25 milestone within USF's reach

USF is a great program, but it's not the Gators. It's disappointing to be ignored (Sun-Sentinel) or preempted (Post) in our local papers by our local writers. If things like an update on our stadium and future schedule merit upbeat articles in other parts of the state they should certainly be mentioned here.
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FAU getting plenty of coverage, but not locally

McKinson Souverain returns to Florida!! (from Top 25 milestone)

Bethune-Cookman looks at Souverain: Former Atlantic High quarterback McKinson Souverain, who played at FAU for two seasons, might be part of a two-quarterback system at Bethune-Cookman, Wildcats coach Alvin Wyatt said.

"He has a wealth of a talent and you might see us use two quarterbacks in practice and when the season begins," Wyatt said.

Souverain left Florida Atlantic after spring drills in 2006 and transferred to a California junior college, Fresno City College, before signing with Bethune-Cookman in February. Souverain will play as a junior this season.

We all know that Howard calls it like it is. The fact that Howard is talking so positive about this season is encouraging. In 2005 and 2006 his comments about the team were not so good, especially his comments about 2005.

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FAU getting plenty of coverage, but not locally

I think Marcus' blog answers why we are getting so much ink this week from out of area papers…

Marcus Nelson's blog

President of the No Homers Club. Keepin' it real since 2001.
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