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FAU losing Seniors? Next year's look.


FAU losing Seniors? Next year's look.

The myth that FAU will lose everone is exactly that. Wishful thinking! Some leaders will be missed but others will step in.

Take a look at this roster on who's coming back and who's leaving.

Starters and players who contribute heavily. Some will change so I may just plug in a name out of position. Some have changed positions already from D to O and vice versa.


Ret: Crissinger-Hill, Dangston(?) IR/RS from last year

O Line
Gone: Richards, Fisher,Shephard

Ret: Faulk,Paris,Perkins,Smith,Sobol(?),Wilson

Gone: Tellis,Taylor,Bynes

Ret: Parker,Pollice,Porter

Ret: Embick,Hansen,McKinnison

Gone: Parker,Jackson,Barron

Ret: Manley,James(?)Sanchez,Walker


Gone: NONE
Ret: Hughley,Skinner,Gordon,Magahee

Gone: Rickards,Sloan,Koncack,Jacques,Gray,Pugh, Guerrier,Strachan

Ret: Jenkins,Fleming,Edwards,Wilson

Gone: Laz,Higgins,McKinley,Walker

Ret: Earls, Sincerge,

Gone: Roundtree,Rodgers,

Ret: Amaya, Terry(?),Acevado,Pindell,Henry,Zak

(?)= Not sure about another redshirt yet.

There was a very good recruiting class including All -State players who are currently redshirted or playing. These guys will not be out of place when it's time to play next year! I didn't list them but anyone who went to the scrimmages or practices will remember them.

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FAU losing Seniors? Next year's look.

The defense will be hit the hardest and I am confident that we have enough depth, plus the new recruits from last year and the one's we will get this year.

The offense - I believe has enough depth and again with the new recruits coming in (I believe Guffey will be back on the OL next year). Wouldn't Crissinger-Hill also be returning next year?

From what I have seen in the practices & scrimmage I have been able to make - we should be find.

I will agree with OG that we will lose some leaders, yet
will have some players with enough experience to step-up in those roles.

Let's not worry about next year yet, the season just started.
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FAU losing Seniors? Next year's look.

Crissinger -Hill is coming back. I just think it's humorous how some posters think that FAU is full of transfers and will graduate the entire core of the team!
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FAU losing Seniors? Next year's look.

Im pretty optamistic about next year, yea we have a lot of seniors but that just means we can do some more recruiting, not only that but have you seen some of the freshmen and sophmores we have this year, some approaching 300.... One dude is 6-6 310lbs... Thats a big dude.. I think as of now we have the skill but in order to hang with the bigger schools we need the size.
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FAU losing Seniors? Next year's look.

I believe we only have one transfer as a starter (WR Bynes and back-up QB Embick who is not gauranted the #1 spot next year.

Going into the season this year there was a concern regarding our OL, will they be some concerns regarding key position next season, yes there will be but no more then in the past year. It's what makes college football great and boys into men (on the field at least).

I'm with you OG, I got tired of typing senses with some of those characters myself - I check now and then (especially after the Hawaii & UNT wins) and found things have not chaged.

Go Owls!!
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