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FAU Sports Page

Just wanted to give a brief overview of the Coaches radio show on Monday, for those that may not have had the opportunity to listen.

On the offense, he gave Kudos to OC, Nord for his game plan against ULM. Using a moving pocket, some misdirections plays and simplifying the offense by concentrating the offense on 1/2 the field.

On the defense, they made the plays when they had to (turnovers) and that their lack of tackling could have cost us the game, but played good enough to give us the W.

Coach also mentioned how the last play of that game (play called by ULM - 2pt conversion) was very similar and reminded him of the 1983 Orange Bowl game - UM vs Nebreska, when UM won its first National Championship.

Gave Kudos to the prOWLerS for their support at the USC game and then showing up when the team arrived back on campus, helping creat that football atmosphere. The prOWlerS founder, Ricky Smith called the show, along with several prOWlerS.

There was also mention of the better conditioning and strenght of the current players and how the new strenght coach has help the team be more physically ready.
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