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FAU Trophy Games


FAU Trophy Games

Well we have the Shula Bowl trophy but that is it….we need some more Trophy games to try and build up rivalries.  Any ideas?


Troy - Tetradrachm Medal - Have a larger, say 6 in diameter, replica made

Arkansas State - Bellum Noctis (War by Night) - Both mascots are Nocturnal. Always a night game. Perhaps a moon rock in a trophy?
North Texas - Seabee Statue - Gulfport, home of the Seabees is almost exactly the half way point between the schools

Middle Tennessee - Winged Shoes of Hermes/Mercury - Both mascots are winged creatures

WKU - Middle Ground Hourglass.  Hourglass (exactly 1 hr) with dirt from the hills of Kentucky mixed with sand from Boca Raton beach.

ULL - Swamp Rat Award - Eaten by both Owls and Cajuns….lol

ULM - Fighter/Bomber Trophy - The Warhawks are named for a WW2 fighter, FAU was built on the site of a WW2  bomber training base

Florida Atlantic University Owls
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