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FAU vs UL Game Balls and Grades...


FAU vs UL Game Balls and Grades...

Game Balls:


Can't think of anyone who deserves one.


Alfred Morris - Enough said.  But 7.5 yards per carry is silly.

Rusty Smith - Another solid performance with no INT's. 18 of 28 for 359 yards.  Take that any week.

Honorable Mention:

Chris Bonner - Two nice catches for TD's, and 134 yards, by the B-day WR.


Offense A

Not seeing much room for improvement with 51 points on the board, and a program high 624 total yards.  Do that every week from here on out, and we will be in another Bowl for sure.  Solid hands.  Solid runs.  Nice job!

Defense C+

Still giving up too much on the ends when the QB hit s the road for unoccupied pastures.  Secondary needs some work as well.  But, overall, a marked improvement over the previous five games.

Special Teams D-

*Will just use last weeks commentary with one more remark, as it was worse this week with the block returned for a safety*

Sincere desire must emerge on FG and extra point attempts.  It is almost like we are out there at times just to take up space - formality. The blocked extra point shows this.  No sense of urgency.  No heart.  We need more structure, and more strategic and designed play calling.

The loss of Avionne Rolle is also now very apparent. We have to find someone to carry the torch.  It has been a mainstay that we get good field position on KO returns. When this happens, we usually score. See last year for example.

Coaching B+

We moved the ball on the ground again. And, better than last week. Keep calling #32's plays. The defensive strategy saw a little 3-4.  It obviously helped some.

What says you??
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Re: FAU vs UL Game Balls and Grades...

Offense: A-
Would have gotten an A for all the obvious reasons (scoring on almost every drive after the 1st quarter, Morris, Smith) except that in the 1st quarter they went 3 and out twice, gaining a total of 2 yards in 6 plays is unacceptable.  6 of Rusty's incomplete passes were in the 1st Quarter for a completion percentage of 40%.  He would redeem himself from this slow start by going 14/18 in the rest of the game for a completion rate of 78%, but why are we forced to wait for an experienced offense to be completing passes above 60%?  We need to play consistently, from the beginning of the game so that we don't fall behind early.  Had Louisiana been a better team we certainly would have fallen behind in the 1st quarter.  PLAY GREAT FOR 4 QUARTERS!

Defense: B
Four 3 and outs. Two forced turnovers. Two additional punts. One stop before the half. If not for the fumble on the punt return the Defense would have given up only 21 points. Only 188 yds given up that contributed to scores (again w/o drive due to fumble).  Also, the second Louisiana TD came off of great field position due to an offensive 3 and out.  SO in effect, the Defense only looked really bad on 2 drives in the 3rd quarter.  The rest of the time they did well, and compared to how they usually do they did amazing.  If the Offense avoids 3 and outs(one of which led to a UL TD) and the poor field position that accompanies them then the Defense can do its job alot better.

Special Teams: D+
Blocked Extra Point returned for 2. Blocked FG. Fumbled Punt Return.  Aside from the great punt that pinned UL at the 1 yd line (questionably) and the decent returns of Harmon (21.2 yd/return) then there would be little to see as positive.  The lines need to act like their not just going through the motions and actually defend the placekicks and our punt returners need to learn when to fair catch.

Overall : B+
The Offense was unstoppable after it got its incompletion problem of the 1st quarter out of the way.  If not for the blocked FG then they would have scored on every drive after the 1st Q….which is DOMINANT.  The Defense played well also, stopping Louisiana on 9/13 drives…9/12 if we remove the fumble drive.  That is an amazing 75% of opponent drives ending without scoring.  The Special Teams played somewhat poorly but Offensive dominance made up for it.  Overall a great game for the Owls

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Re: FAU vs UL Game Balls and Grades...

Nice SeminOWL...Solid points, and stats analysis!
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Re: FAU vs UL Game Balls and Grades...

Why do they not use some of the TE's converted to Oline guys for field goal and extra point to block ????? We need the biggest guys who can block, on the line!
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