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FEARLESS PREDICTIONS: 2013 Week Two - FAU vs East Carolina

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The Owls officially open their C-USA era on Thursday against arguably the best league opponent they will face all year.

Last Friday's inaugural 2013 contest showed glimpses of promise in certain areas, and one of those was in the secondary. Given the Pirates' passing game, that will be an area looked upon to shine. However, the offense is going to have to show more progress to be in this one.

The lined opened up at +14.5 before quickly shooting up to +20.5

From this end:

FAU 17  ECU 33

What says you??

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It's time. FAU 23, ECU 20.
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Wow, what a tough crowd.


Anywho…Charlotte observer says…….

East Carolina 34, Florida Atlantic 21
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Our Defense looked pretty good but the offense was putrid. I'm going to say 27-13 ECU. I hope I'm wrong and I hope FAU comes out on the winning end, just don't see that happening many times this season

My two favorite teams are FAU, and who ever is beating FIU!
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It is going to take the offense some time to get in gear.

ECU 33 FAU 20


You can run kitties, but you can't hide!!!
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Just rewatched the FAU-Miami game to better judge tomorrow's game.

The Special Teams looks outstanding.  A
The Defense is doing well especially considering the opponent.  B
The Offense is a travesty.  D-

If Pelini's "vanilla" playbook is what's really holding this team back then he better open up the floodgates.
Runs up the middle every play is what nearly lost us the opening game to Wagner last season.

BUT these QB's can't communicate with the WR's and get a rhythm (which is what honestly looks to be partly to blame in that game).  There were MANY overthrown passes which were uncatchable - some were very catchable and the WR just developed butterfingers.

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If Pelini opens up the playbook permanently from here on out and sticks with one QB once a rhythm is in place…

FAU wins 30-27

If we come out rushing up the middle nearly every play into a handful of defenders at the line…

ECU wins 27-12
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Am I the only one to notice we're playing Coastal Carolina this week and not ECU?:Winking:
FAU - 31 CC - 10

FAU - 27 ECU 25 (ECU misses last second field goal)

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cbboarder said

Am I the only one to notice we're playing Coastal Carolina this week and not ECU?
Posted On: Sep 4th 2013, 2:18 PM #316543


Thanks, fixed it.


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I got it at ECU 1,000 to FAU -2

I'm pretty sure that's going to be the correct score.

Seriously though, I have it at ECU 35 - FAU 17.
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