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First Owls arrived on campus a decade ago

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First Owls arrived on campus a decade ago

Nice feel good story from Ted on the first Owls…


At the time, it didn't seem so special.

It was the fall of 2000 and they were a bunch of 18-year-old Florida Atlantic freshmen who would be the foundation of FAU's new football program.

"I remember wondering if this was going to happen," said Yrvens Guerrier, one of the 24 recruits who composed the Owls' first signing class. "It was difficult to buy into."

From August through November, that first class, bolstered by walk-ons, would practice and scrimmage without playing a game.

There was no locker room and no weight room, as the Tom Oxley Athletic Center was under construction and would not be completed until January of 2001.

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Re: First Owls arrived on campus a decade ago

This was a good story and a testament to having a beat writer cover your team for a long time. I think he's done a great job over the years covering this team, though in the beginning it was practically impossible to get FAU information. Being a student at that time, I remember the excitement on campus (at least within my group of friends) for having a football team, and tailgating. We used to get up early on Saturday's and watch practice just as our friends at other schools were going to games.

Did anyone here go to the attempted "all night" tailgate party in the west gym parking lot? Something only college kids could dream up, start a tailgate party at midnight and go for 8 hours until practice started. It only lasted an hour before the FAU cops broke it up, but not without a fight. When we rebutted that this was a tailgate party, and those were allowed on campus, they didn't know what to do, it was the first time they'd ever had to deal with it. We eventually got the police chief on the phone to get a final decision!
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