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Five Q's With Frantz Joseph


Five Q's With Frantz Joseph

5 Qs with Frantz Joseph

At Florida Atlantic, middle linebacker Frantz Joseph led the nation in tackles. On draft day, he led off Outside the Lines with a story about his life.

Now, he's an undrafted rookie trying to catch on with the Raiders.

Joseph got his first taste of the NFL at last weekend's minicamp, getting third-team work at middle and weakside linebacker. Here's his reaction and hopes heading into OTAs.

Q: How do you evaluate yourself on opening weekend?

A: You can't really depend on what people say, as far as other players. The only thing you can go by is by what coach tells you or what you see on film. For me, I really feel I had great advantages coming out here because first of all, I'm a student of the game. So when I was inside the classrooms, all I had to do was learn the new terminologies because football's been played the same way for 100 years. There's a 4-3 and there's a 3-4. I was lucky enough to play in a 4-3 so coming out here, I definitely know the scheme very well. They had me playing multiple positions at the mike and will linebackers so I understand them both completely. For me, the pressure wasn't that heavy. Just trying to get fit in with the older guys and everybody accepting you, that's probably the biggest thing out here.

Q: Are Pro Day evaluations unfairly based on size and speed and not game film?

A: To be honest, I don't understand. Just looking back to back in the days, it wasn't all about that. They'd sit down and watch the film and see who was really good football players. Nowadays, you don't have to have a good season. You come out there and run a 4.3 and jump a 40-inch vertical and all of a sudden, you're first down. I led the country in tackles, not to toot my own horn, but if another guy had done that and ran the fastest time, then he probably would have been a first rounder. To me, just gives me a chip on my shoulder. It gives me an opportunity to come out to this great organization that understands good football players. If you're a Raider, you're either fast or you're nasty. I really feel like I'm the physical type that can help them get better.

Q: What was your welcome to the NFL moment?

A: It's kind of what I expected. I never really underestimated it so when I came out here it was exactly what I saw. Everybody's good, bigger, faster. So for me, I don't think I'll get welcomed to it until we put on pads. That's when we'll see who the men are and who the boys are.

Q: Can you play the strongside if needed?

A: Well, I played sam my freshman year at Boston Vollege. I would be comfortable as far as knowing what to do and the physicality of taking on fullbacks and blockers. I think I can excel at that too. I feel I can play any of them.

Q: Any players you try to emulate?

A: For me, the players that I like don't even play football anymore. The last person I'd say is a Ray Lewis. For me, the two main guy I love are Dick Butkis and Jack Lambert. Just the nastiness, the tenacity, the meanness. That's what I feel my game implements. Honestly, when I'm on the field, I'm not a nice guy. I'm not trying to be a friend. I'm really trying to hurt you with violence insise the white lines, legally. Off the field, I'm a gentleman. I have a lot of manners. But off the field, it's a different world.

Source:  David White - sfgate.com

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Wow, there are quite a few typos in this article.  Guess newspapers cant afford editors anymore…. ::)
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