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Florida Rankings expanded


Florida Rankings expanded

so… we have ANOTHER 6 days until FAU is in action… let's help time pass by…

the Florida Rankings thread got me thinking… what we if we picked apart the sunshine state programs in depth…

my rankings:

1. Tim Tebow, Florida
2. Rusty Smith, Florida Atlantic
3. Matt Grothe, South Florida
4. Kyle Wright, Miami
5. Xavier Lee, Florida State
6. Kyle Israel, UCF
7. Wayne Younger, FIU

Rushing offense:
1. South Florida
2. UCF
3. Miami
4. Florida Atlantic
5. Florida State
6. Florida
7. FIU

1. Florida State
2. USF
3. Florida
4. Miami
5. Florida Atlantic
6. UCF
7. FIU

1. Florida
2. Florida Atlantic
3. USF
4. Florida State
5. Miami
6. FIU
7. UCF

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Re: Florida Rankings expanded

I like your thinking 09.  The only thing I would tweak would be Defense–FAU deserves to be above UM??  What do you think?


* Sun Belt Champions & New Orleans Bowl Champions-2007
* Motor City Bowl/Little Ceasers Pizza Bowl Champions-2008
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