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FootBall Interlude - Sun Sentinel/Hutton


FootBall Interlude - Sun Sentinel/Hutton

Thought this was a good blog by Ted…for those who havent seen it…

"Football Interlude

Had a nice chat with The Voice last week.

During football season you kind of take The Voice for granted, and it?s not until you haven?t talked to him in a while that you really appreciate him.

I know there is occasional grumbling about The Voice on some boards, some even doubting if he still has ?IT.? All I can say is FAU is lucky to have him, and he still has more than enough ?IT? to go around.

I have been around Howard for six years now, and I never tire of hearing him talk about football and life. Unlike a lot of coaches, he rarely repeats the same stories, and he has soaked up so much in his life that you can keep going to the well and coming up with fresh buckets of information.

I was remiss in not reporting that The Voice was reunited with Don Shula at the East-West Shrine game that was played recently in Houston. The NFL has taken over the game and supplies the coaches, so you had Shula coaching the East and Dan Reeves coaching the West, and Shula brought in as many of his former assistants as Miami as he could, so The Voice was the QB coach and offensive coordinator, and Bill Arnsparger (architect of the no-name defense, who was the AD at Florida who hired Spurrier) was also on the staff, along with Monte Clark, and someone The Voice called a ?ringer,? former wide receiver Nat Moore.

Despite the sterling staff, the East lost 21-3. ?I had more yardage than they had,? The Voice said.

I guess the weather was bad, with rain then ice storms. ?We didn?t see the sun shine all week,? The Voice said. But there was a big bubble to practice in, and they did work hard. ?It wasn?t a vacation,? he said. ?But it was fun to be with them all. A lot of fun.?

Sure would have been interesting to hear that coaching staff tell stories about the Dolphins glory days.

The Voice has been busy with recruiting, entertaining players on visits to the campus, as well as making home visits. ?Going well, best year yet,? The Voice said, which is what he says every year, and which has been true every year, as FAU continues to upgrade its talent."

Sun Sentinel/Ted Hutton
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