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Forget the Beat Shirts, what about the Weather??


So, we have a long running thread that was debunked on the premise of the printing of the Beat Shirts.

FAU and the Curse of the BEAT Shirts - FAU Owl's Nest

Of course once Wagner went down, it was proven a farce…

However, I would like to introduce (for fun) a new premise for consideration:

FAU and the Curse of The Weather

I stopped counting how many of our biggest events have had a significant weather element attached, but of note recently were the Miami games (at both places) and the Navy contest as well. Others can offer their tales of similar outings, which date back to Lockhart.

Now, with Coach Kiffin's biggest game as head coach straight ahead vs North Texas it may be worth taking up for analysis given this weekend's forecast.

Thunderstorms, some thunderstorms, then more thunderstorms.

Saturday is chock full of 70-90% chances by the hour all game long.

What gives??

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We were watching the Wisconsin game, and I pointed out to the kids that "Jump Around" was their tradition at the end of the third quarter.

To which my son replied, "What is FAU's - lightning delay?".
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I'm with you on this one, Rick.

Rained last night again in the 4th quarter.

Seems like every important home game there's rain to disrupt the momentum and drive away fans.

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ZERO percent chance of…


It's raining, and the power is out in parts of the stadium causing a 9 minute delay so far.

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