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Game Quotes


Game Quotes

Here are some clips from post game quote from different sources:

'There was a lot of big holes, but they were one of the hardest-hitting teams,' Grothe said.

USF coach Jim Leavitt said he expected a tough game from FAU, and wasn't surprised.
"I knew it would be a 60-minute ballgame. Coach Schnellenberger had his team prepared. We fought a very good football team, FAU fought their tails off."

Elliott column: Relieved Bulls Glad To Escape From Lockhart With Victory
Mick Elliott/The Tampa Tribune
Published: October 7, 2007

'I worried about this game from the beginning of the year,' USF coach Jim Leavitt said. 'I thought this would be the toughest challenge for us up to this date as far as emotionally making sure we were ready to go.'

'We did a good job against a team that was really looking forward to playing us,' Grothe said. 'Coming off a big win against West Virginia, I honestly don't think if we had played this game last year after beating West Virginia, we would have lost. I think that's the biggest difference between this team and last year's team. Just the unity.'

'Everybody tries to look at this deal - these guys are ranked, these guys aren't ranked, all this stuff and it's sad,' USF's coach said. 'It's not the truth. The truth is they've got a darn good football team. The truth is that we came into Lockhart Stadium, their home, and they had everything in the world going to get ready for us.'

USF offensive coordinator Greg Gregory said the Bulls came into the game wanting to 'throw the heck out of the ball' but turned to the running game out of necessity.
'We're just not throwing the ball real well right now,' Gregory said. 'We were running out of necessity.

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