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Great coaching produces great teams


Great coaching produces great teams

I just read a bio on Steve Spurrier. Despite what any of you think of him, I like him.

Spurrier's first job at Duke was offensive coordinator. He greatly improved the offense in a short time. He came back a few year later as head coach to what the article described as "marginal talent". He turned that in to an ACC co champion and a bowl appearance.

My point is coaching is every bit as important as the talent on the field. Howard did the same thing at Miami with the exception that he found some real good talent and won a national championship.

For you guys who are in their 20's reading this board. I remember Howard when he was coaching at Miami. I remember watching the Howard Schnellenber show on TV. Since Miami wasn't in a conference, they had one of the toughest schedules in the country against teams like Oklahoma, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh used to be REAL good. Remember Dan Marino, Tony Dorset and Hugh Green?) Does this tactic sound familiar? All three florida schools played each other back then. I was at the game in I think 1979 when Miami beat FSU. The Miami students and fans went crazy.

So with a great coach and great talent I feel pretty comfortable that FAU will do well.

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