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How would FAU deal with this one?


How would FAU deal with this one?

Changes announced Thursday by the University of Colorado because of the recruiting scandal:

? The athletics department will be integrated with academic departments to reduce its autonomy. The athletics director no longer will report to the campus chancellor, but to the provost, the chief academic officer who oversees deans and other academic officials. The provost reports to the chancellor.

? An Academic Policy Board on Athletics will be created, with faculty representatives, to advise on academics and other issues within athletics.

? The provost will develop and oversee athletics policies guiding academic decisions including admissions, financial aid, eligibility, progress toward graduation and academic support. The provost will work with the advice and counsel of the new policy board.

? The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will assume new oversight duties to help integrate the athletics department into campus life. The vice chancellor will also oversee the development and adjudication of team disciplinary rules to ensure fair treatment and consistency with other campus disciplinary practices.

? For the next five years, the school will conduct annual performance and financial evaluations of the athletics department.

? Earlier this year, the school announced new football recruiting guidelines it says are the strictest in the nation. Among other things, the rules limit campus visits to a single night with an 11 p.m. curfew, require coach and chaperone involvement, and eliminate the use of players as hosts.

My take:
The 1st paragraph:
That will be an instant soap opera at Colorado. Reeling in a major income generator like the Athletic Dept can get touchy. Didn't we install a similar realignment last year after the "Corvette Gate" 2002 fundraising issues?
It seem to go ok at least from the outside anyway.

2nd paragraph:
The academic advisor is out of a job or intergrated and reassigned. Will the provost feel as compelled to give the "barely 2.0 athlete" a break in some classes. That means subbing requirements folks, not cheating.

3rd paragrah:
See 2nd paragrah above. The show belong to the provost.

That last paragraph:
This will definitely be a major factor too. Is the coach considered a chaperone too? Or is that a different person all together?
With the elimination of two days(down to one) will they have enough time to involve themselves in EACH visit with EACH rectuit?

The recruiting visit serves several purposes including getting to know the individual. They will relax outside of the presence of a coach and open up more with the players during visits. These players are SUPPOSED to relay any relevant info back to the coach.
I know that's what got them into this mess in the 1st place.

Colorado have a tough task in front of them. Now they have to really focus on the student athletes.
Wasn't that what it was supposed tom be about anyway?
Obviously the folks in charge felt the need that something had to be done.

Any thoughts?
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