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Idea for FAU Stadium

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Alright so I was telling one of the posters here on the Nest about this,  and he said I should just go ahead and post it.

Anyways, at N.C. State  they have this wall of high school football helmets (pictured below) inside the stadium from all the schools that the Wolfpack coaching staff has visited in the past year on recruiting trips. It's very impressive to see in person and the crowd flocks to it.

I'm not saying FAU should copy it, but it might an idea to have something like this at the stadium. Obviously there is some cost involved but maybe you start by asking schools to donate old helmets.

It's not only a great football recruiting tool, but everyone seems to love to finding their old high school helmet on the wall.

Everyone is always talking about traditions, this could be one to start.

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This an great Idea I'll tweet it at Charlie.
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