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Illinois State Press Conference Quotes


Illinois State Press Conference Quotes

Football Press Conference Quotes (9/21)

Illinois State Head Coach Denver Johnson
On playing Florida Atlantic?<br>?FAU is a very good ball club. We?re excited to go down there. Our guys have watched film from last year. I think FAU is an improved ball club from last year and I think we?re an improved ball club as well.?

On playing another Division I-A opponent?<br>?Our kids have an understanding of what it takes to compete while they?re a heavy underdog on the road. There?s no margin for error when you play against a team of Florida Atlantic?s talent level. We have to go down there with a great plan and execute it.?<br>
On Florida Atlantic making the move to Division I-A?<br>?They?re going to make strides. The NCAA by design has been striving for parity and I think it has made it feasible for an institution like FAU to move up. They?re in a good location in Boca Raton and they went into this with a plan. From day one they said they would make the move to I-A.?<br>
On Illinois State players who are natives of Florida?<br>?We do have a lot of kids from Florida and they are excited about playing in their home state. It?s a great opportunity for family who normally doesn?t travel to be able to come and see they?re kids play. They?ll be a lot of family members after the game wanting to hug and kiss our players and that?s a good thing.?<br>
On the win over Eastern Illinois Saturday?<br>?Ball games are funny. There were a lot of twists and turns and it was fun to win that game. It was really satisfying to come back and find a way to win that game. That?s no small thing to do.?<br>
Illinois State Offensive Lineman Jeremy Melville
On the play of the offensive line?<br>?Bringing Steve (Statz) in at tackle from tight end has really helped us with our depth and it?s been great having Mike (Stegeman) back from injury. They?re both making us work that much harder and bringing us all up.?<br>
On playing Florida Atlantic?<br>?It?s always a big test to go up against a I-A team and even though it?s their first year at that level, they?ve been playing well and it?s going to be a big test for us.?<br>
Illinois State Defensive Back and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., native Joe Walkins
On playing in his home state?<br>?It?s going to be a fun time for us, but we know its business and we?re going down there to play a competitive team. This will be special for me because the last time I played down in Florida was against the Florida Gators when I was at Auburn. We need to go down and be prepared to play.?<br>
On the win over Eastern Illinois?<br>?That was a big win for us. I think it showed the fans and this university that we have fight in us. We learned a lot from that game and now, going into this FAU game, we?re going to play a very competitive team, so we have to come in and be ready to roll and try to win the game.?<br>
On making the transition to cornerback?<br>?I?m getting it down. The coaches have a lot of confidence in me. Even when I make mistakes, coach (Ron) Lambert and coach (Tim) Daoust teach me and show me how to get better. I?m definitely becoming more comfortable at it.?<br>
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